Friday, January 8, 2010

Why do so many Chinese people work at nail salons?

Every nail salon I've been to has all Chinese workers. I've never seen one person who wasn't Chinese that worked at a nail salon.

Why is that?Why do so many Chinese people work at nail salons?
Every nail salon i've been to--the workers were asian, That was until a couple months ago. I went to this salon and there was a White woman there doing nails, i'm sorry, but I was shocked. I've also seen a black woman on Youtube doing acryllics and she's very talented. That just goes to show you--stereotypes are BS.

Another thing-- yes, when it comes to their businesses they do tend to keep it in the family. The other day my mom was like, ';They forget that Americans have given them the opportunity to even have their own business; yet, they don't want any other ethnicities to be a part of their business.'; Something to think about.Why do so many Chinese people work at nail salons?
It's a thing that they've dominated.

Like in New Orleans, there's this meat shop that Vietnamese people have owned for years and years. My mother asked them why there's never been a black owner (being that New Orleans was predominantly black) and the man told her that there's never been a black owner because they don't sell to people outside of the family, each person would make 100,000 or so then sell it to another member of their family and it would continue that way! I thought it was the most brilliant thing I've ever heard, they help each other UP instead of pulling each other BACK unlike Americans.
Well you see Chinese people every where doing all types of jobs from nail salons, restaurants owners, business owners, to office workers...I guess you dumb ***** rather beg for money than working a decent job. I lived in 4 big major cities and all i see is white and blacks homeless people begging for money.
Because it requires a skill of art. In the little town I live in the shops run by oriental people closed and the ones run by non-oriental are still open.

It's a skill that takes time to learn and most people either don't like the work, the hours or carpel tunnel!
I thought it was usually Vietmanese, but I believe they come here an open and own those shops and only employ their family members and close friends.
I'd guess that they are not Chinese, but a variety of Southeast Asians. It depends where you live as to where their heritage is.
They're not Chinese, dipsh*t...they're Vietnamese. At least all the one's in my neighborhood are. Jeez, why don't you ask them next time?
because blacks are too lazy?

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